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Our goal is to make your job easy.


Actively Involved Decision Makers
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As a part of your life safety team, our goal is to be a worry free subcontractor and provide you with a positive and painless job process. Through our decades of experience, we've learned that this starts with having an easily accessible line of communication. When contractors are unable to reach their subcontractors, or need to go through multiple people to get to the guy that's calling the shots, questions and concerns are not addressed appropriately. This leads to miscommunication and delays that could have been avoided. Integrity Fire Protection wants to work efficiently with contractors and subcontractors. We believe this plays a critical role in meeting the project schedule. This starts with actively involved decision makers, who understand the industry and have a passion for fire protection.

Competitive Bids
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Reliable, high quality fire sprinkler systems are the result of an established foundation within a company. The basis of every job is laid long before a fire protection system is bid on, designed, or installed. Our high caliber products and services are delivered through years of industry knowledge, and extensive field experience. This company structure allows us to be competitive in the negotiated and bid marketplace. Integrity Fire Protection has an ever growing passion for the fire protection industry and has developed values that deliver an honest product.

Honest Professional Experience
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Our 40 years of well-rounded industry experience isn't the only aspect you can rely on with Integrity Fire Protection. You can rest assured that when Integrity Fire Protection is part of your life safety team, the job will be completed correctly. We believe Integrity means doing the right thing even when no one is watching. We truly value all of our customers, and will never risk those relationships by cutting corners or taking an easy way out. To ensure the most accurate design and value for our customers, each of our design engineers and project managers are NICET Level 3 or 4 certified. This provides our customers easy access to the knowledge behind the design. We love what we do and promise to conduct business with the utmost integrity.

One Point of Contact
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We realize that one of the most frustrating aspects of construction for contractors and subcontractors is communication. Messages fail to get relayed, information gets lost in the shuffle, emails aren't forwarded, etc. Miscommunication only causes unnecessary stress on owners and contractors. At Integrity Fire Protection, we believe that miscommunication is avoidable through providing our customers with a single point of contact. When Integrity Fire Protection is a part of your life safety team, we designate one of our NICET certified engineers to consult, design, and manage your project. All questions and issues are able to be addressed by your project manager, as they are actively involved in the engineering of the sprinkler system. Our goal is to make your experience with us as stress-free as possible. Streamlining correspondence improves project efficiency, while reducing common communication struggles. 

Personal Attention
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By maintaining a small company culture, we are able to provide you with the personal attention that we believe all projects require. This allows us to dedicate more of our time, energy, and knowledge to your construction project, which we believe is the customer service you deserve.

Proactive Scheduling
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Our preplanning meetings are held soon after we are awarded a project. This reduces unnecessary lost time, allowing us to address job challenges early in the design phase and help move your projects along faster. Integrity Fire Protection takes pride in being aligned with other preferred subcontractors. If the project schedule does not afford all the subcontractors an opportunity to preplan and coordinate as a project team, we will help facilitate meetings in hopes of making everyone more efficient through the installation phase. This allows general contractors and building owners to focus their efforts on the overall schedule knowing the subcontractors are working together to reduce possible conflicts and obstacles.

Timely Job Completion
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Integrity Fire Protection realizes the importance of timely job completion. As your fire protection contractor, we take specific steps to make certain our work is completed on time for you. This starts before installation begins. Proactive scheduling and coordination with the other subcontractors on the job is a key component. We take it upon ourselves to collaborate with the other trades to ensure things are moving smoothly behind the scenes. This simple, yet crucial, practice allows less room for errors and miscommunications that not only delay jobs, but cost contractors and subcontractors money. We take pride in helping the project team meet goals and exceed customer expectations.

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